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Direct Classes

Our venue for direct classes :

Nadam School of Music
K.A.P Complex
R.S Road , Aluva
Ph: 0484-2627767


This Distance Education Programme , Started in 2007 is considered as one of our institution's greatest highlights. Through this programme, people get home coaching with the help of an audio C.D and a file. This Special Distance Education Programme is mainly designed for people who are very keen in music, who do not get enough time to spare for the direct music caching. This new invention composed by celestial music academy is definitely a new opening and donation for the music industry.

All the instructions and details are provided with the CD, and we can even feel the physical presence of a trainer through it.


T.S Josephe
Roy Thomas
Jackson Sebastian

Details about the CD and Notes:

A)    Key board :

The notation book for learning keyboard is called "The Spark", with two volumes; Level 1 and 2 . Level 1 is specially designed for freshers and level 2 is its advanced level.

B)    Guitar :

The notation book for learning guitar is called “The Rope”, which includes scales, rhythms, styles, tuning techniques, chords combination and film tune notations(Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi) which are specially designed in tab notes.

In case of any doubts or enquiries you can get to us any time via phone calls or emails. Special classes which are exclusively free are provided at the direct coaching center in Aluva.
Certificates are also issued at the end of each level, for both the direct as well as the distance education candidates.

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  • Programme , Started in 2007
  • is considered as one of our
  • institutions greatest highlights
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