The Spark

An Easy Method for Keyboard Learning at home using of CD and Notes by Hear & Play


  • Can feel Master’s presence
  • Easy method
  • Rhythm techniques
  • Performing techniques
  • Western staf notes
  • No age bar

We assure you that, when you complete this Book Level I, within 41 days with regular practice, you can read westren staff notes and your fingers are ready to play


  • Book level 1 for beginners
  • The book contains 41 lessons(fingure exercise, Chords etc)
  • The book is in English
  • The audio CD is in your language(English, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil)

How To Use

“We cannot study music without hearing”, first set the keyboard then play the CD and start studying by looking in book according to the instruction given in the CD

In Preparation

The Spark Book level II 100 Carnatic Ragas with it's feel in Western Staff Notes in 100 lessons (CD & Notes)

NB. Book level one should be complete before start Book level two
  • Programme , Started in 2007
  • is considered as one of our
  • institutions greatest highlights
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